dimanche 5 octobre 2014

About Basketball

Basketball is games that use a ball that has been devised in the United States in 1891. Basket in the court of the opposing team each to scramble to handle by hand one ball, two teams of five people five pairs, has been installed in the on-court (ring) (as defined as a basket of own team by placing in the NBA) passing it through from above the ball in the sport compete for score (goals) is (ball game). Official game is done as indoor competition. In the narrow sense, it refers to a ball dedicated to be used for this competition. Called basket ball (also aging).

Features of the basketball game

That it can only move a certain number of steps while holding the ball,
Is performed (sphere strokes) dribble to bounce the ball in the floor if you want to move continuously, this dribble that once only allowed in the play of a series of players,
There are many relatively provisions of the terms of interpersonal contact, and that there is also a relatively small foul attacking in the normal ball game,
The goal is that the score is different depending on where the shot was emitted,
At one point per Itto is (scoring opportunities through penalties) free throw, that throw the number varies depending on the penalties,
Movement of offense and defense in a matchup between teams that can occur in many situations during the game,
That such time limit in play and game time, there is a very distinctive,

For and that it was made ​​with devised one person rules As you can see in history, due to the fact that has evolved along with the professional sports NBA such as, it has both also aspects as a sport show, the rule is complex it is one of the sport. On the other hand, in terms of sports to enjoy, can enjoy the play from one person if there is a ball and the goal ring, a game in earnest (3 vs. 3) and 1-on-1 (one-to-one), 3-on-3 it can also be. In the United States, the ring has been installed in a public place such as a park, it has been popular also called "hoop" Turned from a colloquial term refers to the goal ring. Sometimes referred to as "basketball" is often in Japan.

Outline of the competition

The basket which is the goal of basketball, FIBA ​​Official Rules, the ball can pass downward woven white cord attached to it ring having an inner diameter of 45cm that is installed horizontally to 305cm height and (rim) consists of the net of about 45cm. The equipment and environment competition age, various dimensions such as installation height is different.

Scores are recorded goal is satisfied by passing downward from above the ball in the normal way the (ring) basket. In the manner prescribed, while carrying the ball to the front court with a basket player or carry the ball in dribbling, while performing the path (throwing) in between players, the score, the attacking side (offense) teams, goal chance and hear, and emit a shot (shot until the clock is 0) within a certain period of time, to aim the (score) and point by goal established. Nor can it be placed in time to be returned to the back coat balls carried to the front coat once. In the manner prescribed, to prevent the goal, defense no attack rights (defense) team performs the defense play like take away the right attack. Ball possession is (attack rights), if there is a score, if there is a (foul is committed against an official or other team mostly) foul (or violations in the game operation) Vu~aio Ray tion, delimited period (game in progress etc.) at the start, in accordance with determined, I move between teams. By position, but his shot, in the success of the single field goal during the match is recorded three-point-to-point or (2 points) (3 points). In free throws given penalty for Vu~aio Ray tion by (penalty), or foul, the number of investment is determined between Wansuro ~ Three Throw (1-3 throw) by case, one point is recorded per Itto success. Team got a lot more time in the match score at the end is victory. Basically, rather than draw, victory or defeat is performed until Kessuru, over time of time of about half of the normal period (OT).